Every drop of this coffee is a little miracle. We travel the world in order to find the most delicious high-quality coffee beans. We source our coffee from farmers, via direct trade and when it arrives to our premises we perform thorough checks for maximum quality and total logistics control. We then roast the beans in our state-of-the-art roasting machines, according to the cupping profile we want to achieve for each coffee. The result? A unique coffee experience, you can taste in every drop.


A well balanced strong espresso blend that guarantees a magical coffee experience.
Cup Profile: Herbs, nuts, bitter choice.

Specialty 100% Arabica

A 100% Arabica blend, from a well-balanced fine coffee collection that guarantees a magical coffee experience.
Cup Profile: Bergamot, chocolate, nuts, fruity aftertaste.


The innovative decaffeinated process uses natural means, liquid carbon dioxide, to preserve the flavor profile untouched. The result is a coffee with 99.9% less caffeine.
Cup Profile: Bergamot, chocolate, nuts, fruity aftertaste.

REASON #1: Coffee!
Οur Arabica coffee is specialty grade – i.e., excellent in quality and carefully roasted, ideal for use in capsules. The coffee quality is high and the flavour is unique.

REASON #2: Taste!
Each capsule is carefully filled with fresh coffee, tailored grind to the requirements of each variety or blend, to ensure optimal extraction and flavour.

REASON #3: Flow!
The design technology in our capsules allow a smooth, continuous and uniform water flow, making sure the water goes through the whole coffee and that there are no water concentration points and no overextraction.

REASON #4: Material!
Made of material that does not allow oxygen to get in, they retain the aroma and flavours, resulting in a longer life.

REASON #5: Compatibility!
Drop capsules are designed to be compatible with all types of Nespresso machines, so that the capsules will smoothly fit into any sockets with no loss of water or coffee.

REASON #6: Result!
The result is just perfect. The first coffee of the day can now be your favorite…

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