Every drop of this coffee is a little miracle. We travel the world in order to find the most delicious high-quality coffee beans. We source our coffee from farmers, via direct trade and when it arrives to our premises we perform thorough checks for maximum quality and total logistics control. We then roast the beans in our state-of-the-art roasting machines, according to the cupping profile we want to achieve for each coffee. The result? A unique coffee experience, you can taste in every drop.

100% Arabica

Our top blend. A 100% Arabica blend, from a well-balanced fine coffee collection that guarantees a magical coffee experience. Thick crème, intense flavour (citrus, chocolate, toast and nuts), medium acidity, high sweetness, oily body & pleasant aftertaste. Roasting: medium to medium dark.


A blend for those who seek more intense flavour. A well balanced strong espresso blend that hits the right spot. 70% Arabica & 30% Robusta varieties. Rich crème, intense flavour (flowers, chocolate, nuts, herbs), low acidity, natural sweetness, pleasant coffee bitterness, rich body, intense and long-lasting aftertaste. Roasting: medium to dark.


A 100% Arabica blend, from a well-balanced fine coffee collection, for those that can’t live without coffee but have to live without caffeine. It is decaffeinated with one of the most modern and natural decaffeination methods (CO2). Natural liquid CO2 decaffeination process ensures a high retention rate of coffee components responsible for aroma and taste. As a result, the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine free. Thick crème, intense flavour (chocolate and nuts), medium acidity, high sweetness, oily body, sweet aftertaste with notes of nuts. Roasting: dark.

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