FLAIR brand offers a wide range of flavoured syrups (sugar and non-sugar) for fascinating coffee variations & exciting cocktails, amazing innovative tea syrups for refreshing tea drinks and gourmet sauces for delicious garnishing of your beverages and desserts. Our R&D team continuously develops new flavours for your beverages.

As a result, we have a huge variety of flavours and are always willing to create new ones just for your taste and preferences.

Our state-of-the-art production unit and the sourcing of high quality ingredients guarantees that every drop from a Flair bottle wakes up exciting memories, full of flavour.

More info: Flair Syrups for Coffees & Cocktails | Flair Tea Extract SyrupsGourmet sauces

FLAIR syrups are carefully designed and produced to fit the HALAL dietary requirements and this is certified by the HCS GmbH, Switzerland.
Flair Syrups for Coffees & Cocktails
Flair Gourmet Sauces
Flair Tea Extract Syrups