Take your beverages to the next level.

Coming from Greece, the country of flavours and taste, the FLAIR syrups are here to boost professionals’ creativity and shake consumers’ senses!


BLENDID BEVERAGES proudly presents the new fascinating FLAIR syrup range for coffeehouse baristi.

The blending of our flavour expertise and the passionate cooperation with professional end-users creates a continuously expanding range of FLAIR syrups that match perfectly in wide range of beverage applications. Our state-of-art production site and the sourcing of high quality sugar, fruits, extracts, and essential oils guaranties that every drop from a FLAIR bottle wakes up excitingly indulging flavouring memories. Inspire your creativity flair with your flavourite syrup.

With sugar:

Sweetness / Caramel / Vanilla / Hazelnut / Chocolate / Biscuit / Crème Brule / English Toffee / Peppermint / Cinnamon / Pistachio / Amaretto / Strawberry / Coconut / Garden mint / Mojito / Blue Curacao / Cuba Libre / Bubblegum / Cucumber / Ginger / Lemon / Acid Lemon /Lime / Banana / Orange / Pomegranate / Raspberry / Blackberry / Cranberry / Grapefruit / Mixed Berries / Mango / Passion Fruit / Peach / Apricot / Mandarin / Kiwi / Blueberry / Pineapple / Green Apple / Apple / Cherry / Watermelon  / Elderflower / Cane Sugar

Without sugar:

Sweetness / Caramel / Vanilla / Hazelnut

All Flair are bottled in customized multilayer light weight PET bottle.

Discover our Flair syrups for coffees & cocktails